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This was the first post (which I just now posted) on my LJ. Apparently, LJ may be dying out or losing mass quantities of users, ruining the whole effect of community based blogging, so I thought I'd also start one here.

Doing this a little differently than when I did it before, and seeing if I even want to do it anymore.

I remember way back in 2002 or '03 when I started one of these, and it was pretty fun, even if I didn't post quite as prolifically as I would have liked. What I mostly had fun doing was reading other people's stuff and looking at different communities. And I was friended to an enormous amount of people and groups, it took a couple of hours at least every day to read the feed. That was, of course, when I had a lot more time to do it, and a lot more interesting things to say.

I don't think the things I have to say now will be uninteresting, I just think fewer people will be interested. And that's ok.

So what's different now? I'm not a pagan anymore, and as I recall the people who seemed to post most voluminously were pagans. I came here back then by way of an access code given to me by someone in a pagan Yahoo group--that's another thing that seems to have gone the way of all flesh. LJ was a very exclusive club back then, and I think once you got in, it was kind of like being shot out of a cannon, as far as being inspired to create content.

Somewhere around 2010, due to the stress of various life issues, I grew a little whiny as a blogger, and it really started sucking, so I guess I had to put it down for a while.

So this is me picking it back up, I guess. Welcome aboard, if you're here.
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